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Native American Music Nominations 2022 

'Artist of The Year'

'Best Male Vocalist'

Private Invitation nominated 'Best Rock Recording' 
Save The Planet nominated 'Best Song Fr
om an Album'

Sisters and Brothers nominated 'Best Rock Recording' 
Lookin' For The Light nominated 'Song of The Year'

Sisters And Brothers.jpg

Sisters and Brothers

2019 SAMMY & NAMA Nominations for

Best Rock Recording & Song of The Year


Irv Lyons Jr. - Songwriter, Guitars & Vocals

Joe Driscoll - Vocals 

Ronnie Leigh - Vocals

Richie Melito - Guitar

Billy Harrison - Bass

Bill DiCosimo - Keyboards

Dan Pugh - Keyboards

Teddy Boileau - Drums

Dave Chitambar - Drums

Jeff Moleski  - Drums

Ron Keck - Percussion

Emedin Rivera - Percussion

Paulie Cerra - Saxophone

Jeff Stockham - Fluglehorn 


Melissa Gardiner - Vocals & Trombone

Melanie Krahmer (Sirsy) - Vocals

Danielle Mitchell - Vocals 

Kimberly Rossi - Vocals 

What Are We Fighting For

New album released in 2022  

"It would be easy for Irv Lyons to make a solo album that is a continuation of his decades long work with that beloved Sammy Award winning blues/rock band The Ripcords, but taking the easy route was not what Lyons was interested in, rather, he chose to showcase his talents with a bit of a jazzy, neo-soul vibe that gives What Are We Fighting For a sophisticated glow to it and in doing so, brings along, as he has done with all his solo work, some of the region’s top talent in support. In fact Lyons only lends his soulful, almost Henleyesque lead vocals to only four of the twelve tracks, opting instead to let that beautiful tone he gets out of his guitars do the talking for him while a veritable who’s who of vocalists handle the singing." CNY Alive 

All songs written by Irv Lyons Jr.

Private Invitation written by Irv Lyons Jr. and Todd Hobin 


At age 7, a young left handed aspiring musician was handed a guitar. "If you're going to learn to play, it is going to have to be on this right handed one." Playing flipped around and upside has proven to be a metaphor for Irv Lyons Jr.'s life. Nothing gets this man down. 

Irv's sultry vocals and melodic guitar playing brings to the band a distinctive sound rooted in Latin influenced jazz, as well as country and blues. Irv has opened up for Dickie Betts, Grammy Winner Joanne Shenandoah and NAMMY winner Jana. 

This Oneida Nation Native is a major contributor of original material for his other band The Ripcords including straight ahead blues, instrumentals, Latin, and roots rockers. With this group he's graced the stage with such talents as Earl Slick, Terrance Simien, Dickie Betts, Coco Montoya, Jackie Greene, Kenny Wayne Shepard and Indigenous. Irv won a SAMMY with The Ripcords for best Americana CD in 2009.

Irv Lyons Jr., one of Central New York’s most notable songwriters has been nominated for seven Native American Music Awards. This is a national organization. “Our national music archive has become the world’s first & largest Native American music archive in the world.”

Irv Lyons Jr. wins 2 NAMA awards and a SAMMY in 2022! 


Irv Lyons Jr. is a respected singer, songwriter and guitar player for his own group, Irv Lyons Jr. and The Light and for The Ripcords. Irv has a distinctive sound drawing from Latin influenced jazz, as well as Country and Blues while still embracing his Native American Roots. Playing upside down, this Native artist awes those who watch him perform.


In 2022 Irv received multiple nominations with a compilation album comprised of many musicians from CNY and beyond. His album of originals highlights Lyons songwriting ability, while others perform his songs. "Private Invitation" was nominated for  Best Male Vocalist, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year & Best Rock Recording. With The Ripcords Irv won Best Group of the Year. The album Earl Slick and The West Side Social Club also won Best Blue Recording, with the song 'The Roof Is Leaking' which Irv sang on and is the lead writer for. 


2022 - NAMA Winner  for 'Group of The Year' w/ The Ripcords 

2022 - NAMA Winner for 'Best Rock Recording' w/ Earl Slick & The West Side Social Club

2022 - SAMMY Winner for 'Best Americana Album' for Unmasked

2022 - NAMA Nominated for 'Song of The Year'

2022 - NAMA Nominated for 'Artist of The Year'

2022 - NAMA Nominated for 'Best Rock Recording'

2022 - NAMA Nominated for 'Best Male Vocalist'

2019 - NAMA Nominated for 'Song of The Year'
2019 - NAMA Nominated for 'Best Rock Recording'
2019 - NAMA Nominated 'Best Blues Recording' w/ The Ripcords
2019 - NAMA Nominated 'Best Music Video Performance' w/ The Ripcords
2019 - SAMMY Nominated for 'Sisters and Brothers'
2019 - SAMMY Nominated for 'Ripcords Live Album'

2017 - SAMMY Nominated for 'Doing It All' 

2017 - NAMA Nominated for 'Doing It All'

2016 - Akademia Music Awards Best Rock/R&B Album

2014 - NAMA Nominated National Award w/ The Ripcords

2013 - SAMMY Nominated Best Blues Album w/ The Ripcords

2010 - SAMMY Winner 'Best Americana' album w/ The  Ripcords

*NAMA known as the Native American Music Awards. “Our national music archive has become the world’s first & largest Native American music archive in the world.”
*SAMMY known as the Syracuse Area Music Awards.  


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