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Irv and Loren B.jpg

Irv Lyons Jr. and Loren Barrigar duo

Loren Barrigar and Irv Lyons Jr. share a unique musical chemistry seldom found among musicians. Their live performances feature not only their spectacular technical grasp of the guitar, but also their outstanding musicality and spontaneous creativity. The interaction between the two musicians is a joy to experience.


Irv  performs upside down on his electric guitar with styles influenced by Sting, Steely Dan and Santana. Loren displays his world class acoustic performance with strong influences by Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanual. One would think how is this going to sound... and it sounds amazing! 


Loren and Irv's varied repertoire of original and arranged music consists of stunning guitar instrumentals as well as vocal duets, giving them a wide appeal. Their music is influenced by Americana, Jazz, Popular and Classical. Their songs feature Loren’s superb vocals and Irv's sultry voice

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Irv and Edgar duo.jpg

Irv Lyons Jr. and Edgar Pagan trio

Edgar Pagan and Irv Lyons Jr. diverse backgrounds combine into an high energy intoxicating brew of sound, with influences including Santana, Sting and Steely Dan.  They also deliver some powerful and inspiring original music.


Irv and Edgar are true to their roots and home grown style which they joke is RezRican. Irv being Native and Edgar from Puerto Rico offer a unique Latin roots rock vibe. "Our message is positive, and we want to energize people," states Edgar. 

The trio often performs with a percussionist and guest vocalist, Kimberly Rossi.

To view performance dates go to:

THe Light.JPG

Irv Lyons Jr. and The Light

The Light is comprised of a who's who of musicians. Lyons only lends his soulful, almost Henleyesque lead vocals to a handful of tunes allowing his group to shine each in their own unique way. Irv as a songwriter performs many of his originals and shines with his unique upside down guitar playing style. Bass virtuoso Edgar Pagan adds a Latin flare in vocals and bass playing. Richie Melito dives deep into his multiple decades of experience in guitar playing and song library. Kimberly Rossi's sultry sounds perform many of the female lead vocals on Irv's original tracks, as well as balances out the harmonies throughout the evening. 

The sound and song selection will be like no other. You will find yourself lost watching the extreme talent of each musician and may get lost in the music finding you've jumped up on the dance floor and let the vibes flow through you. 

Come out sometime and find The Light! 

To view performance dates go to:

"Wonderland possesses a very overt matter of style and I dig it. Much of the spirit of this record is about sonic adventure. The arrangements and musicianship are stellar."

Chuck Schiele - Table Hopping

“'From the funk rock vibe of 'Be My Baby' to the feel-good lyrics of 'Wonderland', Irv Lyons Jr. blends soulful vocal stylings with tight instrument arrangements to create a well-rounded and highly listenable rock R&B album.'”

Akademia Music Awards

"A NAMMY or GRAMMY nomination does not seem like too much to hope for." RockWired Magazine Feb. 2016

Brian Lush - Rock Wired Magazine

"Oneida Nation Native Irv Lyons Jr. has just released his debut album. I Love the Night has a vintage Rock & Roll sound crossed with Americana love songs. An unforgettable album of love songs that are filled with passion and some psychedelic sound effects. Wanna Be With You, goes into an amazing jam section where Lyons’ guitar solo, reminiscent of Carlos Santana, leaving the listener stunned".

Zach Luckin -

"You can hear the good chemistry throughout. Lyons’ solo project turns out to be a rather grand experiment. It’s punchy, modern blues sound starts with the cool fuzz guitar of the opening cut, “Wanna Be with You” is supported with a solid musical foundation from bassist Mike Casale and drummer James Bianchi. “Bedroom Eyes” features a fast and interesting beat by Moleski and cool keyboard work by Lyons. “Be My Baby” is powerful and mysterious, with its echo-vocals by Lyons. And the closer, “I Love the Night,” is a sneaky little blues love song".

Mark Bialczak -

"Irv plays guitar, sings, plays bass and the keys on this all the way around fantastic offering of music. One very bright highlight is the powerful and beautiful vocal duo work of Lisa Nojaim on “If You Love Me” and “Stronghold,” both songs stood out immediately as they really do compliment each other, especially “Stronghold.” Don’t think that there aren’t some tricks and treats on this CD just because I say “rock and blues” as “Be My Baby” has some nice effects added in that really work the song to a unique sound and vibe, excellent work by Moleski and Lyons on that one to challenge what you have come to expect sonically thus far".

Dave Garlow -

"Armed with almost all originals, the album is a lesson in how to meld guitar and vocals, taking a step outside the comfort zone of a full band. The final three tracks also prove that stepping into a new style can garner attention-grabbing results. “Be My Baby” pounds with a driving beat, filthy guitar and vocals delivered with sinister sincerity and “I Love the Night” mixes the traditional blues Lyons owns with floating vocals and church-like keys. Lyons’ passion is evident and his talent is obvious".

Jess Novak - The Syracuse New Times

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